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Again Dunedin, FL Lowlife behavior and Unjust Punishment

The Son’s of Liberty July 23rd Florida: Woman Fined Over $100,000 For Dirty Pool & Tall Grass To “Protect” Town Dunedin, a small seaside city outside Tampa, cracks down on code violations, saddling homeowners with massive fines while its revenue grows. In … Continue reading

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When Lowlife’s in a Community…

Retiree Jim Ficken of Dunedin, Florida, may lose his home because his front lawn grass grew too high while he was out of town. Read more… Ficken’s attorneys said that they will take the case all the way to the … Continue reading

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This TSA we all despise…

S.1447 – Aviation and Transportation Security Act In this video KrisAnne is on the attack about the TSA from her most recent experience. She had been very mild in disassembling government’s actions until recently. I liked her teaching presentations, I … Continue reading

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