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Thou shalt not kill.

Know the Sin, See the Sin. The blood of innocents, the Pure, the Saints. Will God forgive us? The Harlot and Mystery Babylon?   Every💕Heartbeat💕Matters God Have Mercy On Us 🙇‍♀️ How far have we fallen that we allow babies … Continue reading

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It’s not that heart disease and obesity runs in your family, it’s that nobody in your family RUNS

If your doctor tells you that some major health problems like obesity or heart disease “run in your family,” shouldn’t you first check to see if your family members have all been eating the same blood-clogging fats and health-wrecking chemicals … Continue reading

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Indoctrinated Generations will walk away from Liberty

The Center For Generational Kinetics Currently, five generations make up our society. Each of those five generations has an active role in the marketplace. Depending on the specific workplace, the workforce includes four to five generations. Here are the birth … Continue reading

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Children of the Corn Redux

If you have never seen the Stephen King movie, it has come to reality. Starring Alissa Milano:   WTF did I just watch??? #LibtardSéance pic.twitter.com/0IkYHDDPI5 — M3thods (@M2Madness) October 6, 2018

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Bad People Have Always Existed

Recently, a local TV station was in uproar about two 10 years old who took knives with them to school.  They claimed that their older bothers pointed out that they could be in danger in school, and that they should … Continue reading

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