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Climate Engineering, GeoEgineering, Solar Radiation Management

Q & A session about what we see in our skies. Is there a way to protect ourselves from the chemicals sprayed? 6:20 Is Climate Engineering a necessary evil, or is it part of a greater Plan? 10:30 Those who … Continue reading

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The Next Election will be a Total Fraud

The 2020 Election will not reflect anything close to reality. It will be a crushing blow to America and the Liberty lovers. It will be so overwhelming that most will have a slump down attitude of despair and disbelief. And … Continue reading

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The Republic on it’s Death Bed

Experts predict the Death of the Republic. It was born in 1776. It was the beacon of Liberty for the whole World to see. After its affliction of a new form of cancer in 1913, its health gradually declined ever … Continue reading

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A Great American Rancher Died this Day

Today, January 26th, is the 3rd anniversary of the death of LaVoy Finicum. LaVoy Finicum an Arizona rancher was gunned down by FBI on his way to a meeting for exposing the criminal actions of the Bureau of Land Management … Continue reading

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Treasonous Politicians and the Swamp

63 millions Americans were fed-up with the politics in DC and politicians in general, and elected the now President Trump.  His campaign promises were simple and straight forward: America 1st ! MAGA ! Secure our Southern border Unless DC Globalists … Continue reading

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