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America is Becoming Great Again and it scares them

Globalist Agenda is threatened.  If America becomes great again, and Americans enjoy it, the Globalist Agenda could have a huge setback. Just imagine all those years of indoctrination for nothing.  Just imagine our children coming to realize how great is … Continue reading

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Globalist Leaders Advocate Cessation of Civility

The pressure is ON.  Chaos in US is being instigated by US members of the Globalist coalition.  The same way Soros and company instigated the Ukraine Civil War, they will bring chaos to the US. “From Chaos, Comes Order” It … Continue reading

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The Last Stand for Liberty in the World

First and foremost, let me just say this: There is NO stopping the creation of a One World Government.  UN’s Agenda 21 will be implemented within a decade of two.  Already, under the guise of ‘Sustainable Development’ so cherished by … Continue reading

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As the Moon Gets Fuller, the Nights Are Cooler

Here is an example of Bad Science. Science we were taught deceptively. Quora: Does a full moon make the night colder? I beg you to read the comments of the indoctrinated readers:  “warmer because it reflects sunlight back onto the … Continue reading

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Mutiny: IC the Domestic Enemy

“The Intelligence Community is our most dangerous Domestic Enemy” _ Roy Potter I happen to agree to that statement, and every day that goes by, they will prove it themselves to be. IC has refused to release the FISA info … Continue reading

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