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Rise of the 4th Reich

Germany’s Merkel teaming with France’s Macron are building the 4th Reich as one European Nation State, complete with its own armed forces and a very powerful Police State. SwitchnewsTV an internet based independent media, recognizes the implementation of 4th Reich … Continue reading

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The Failures of Europe and France

France 12 weeks 2018-19 Repression is now the name of the game. The future of France is bleak, as the Oligarchs in power struggle to keep their Kingdom, and will do anything to assert their control of the people of … Continue reading

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Could Europe face another Crisis?

Could Europe face another 1914 or 1939 scenario? Watch out Poland, Europe could turn like Nazi Germany in 1939. The European parliament is holding heated debates concerning Economic progress. Along in the debates one can clearly see a division of … Continue reading

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