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#GiletsJaunes 13th Protest in France

Early today, violences erupted in Paris. Molotov Cocktails are being used against Police. Without a doubt, tempers are flaring.

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The Failures of Europe and France

France 12 weeks 2018-19 Repression is now the name of the game. The future of France is bleak, as the Oligarchs in power struggle to keep their Kingdom, and will do anything to assert their control of the people of … Continue reading

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Protesting the Gilets Jaunes

A ‘Republican March,’ originally organized by the ‘Red Scarves” collective and joined by other smaller groups, takes to the streets of Paris on Sunday, January 27, to protest against the violence allegedly committed by some “yellow vest” activists. Carrying European … Continue reading

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Gilets Jaunes Act 10, it has started.

This morning once more, the French Gilets Jaunes took to the streets of Paris. Casualties so far, as of January 19th: 12 Dead; over 2000 wounded. Play video below (morning of Saturday 19th)   #Toulouse #giletsjaunes #ActeX pic.twitter.com/HdgDC6g1cp — Philippe … Continue reading

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Wanted Socialists and Socialism

Seriously? Is this what the #MeNow Generation wants? We the elders will be dying off, and We failed to inform our children correctly. Instead they were brainwashed in government schools, and lost any connection with the American Spirit. I immigrated … Continue reading

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