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Indoctrinated Generations will walk away from Liberty

The Center For Generational Kinetics Currently, five generations make up our society. Each of those five generations has an active role in the marketplace. Depending on the specific workplace, the workforce includes four to five generations. Here are the birth … Continue reading

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The Real Climate Agenda? Global Communism

By John Eidson American Thinker In comments that laid bare the hidden agenda behind global warming alarmism, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, let slip during a February 2015 press conference in Brussels that the … Continue reading

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America is Becoming Great Again and it scares them

Globalist Agenda is threatened.  If America becomes great again, and Americans enjoy it, the Globalist Agenda could have a huge setback. Just imagine all those years of indoctrination for nothing.  Just imagine our children coming to realize how great is … Continue reading

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Globalist Leaders Advocate Cessation of Civility

The pressure is ON.  Chaos in US is being instigated by US members of the Globalist coalition.  The same way Soros and company instigated the Ukraine Civil War, they will bring chaos to the US. “From Chaos, Comes Order” It … Continue reading

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How To Predict The Behavior Of Globalists

The use of macro-analytics and the hyper-monitoring of Web traffic is a powerful tool at the disposal of the establishment for gauging shifts in public consciousness in real-time… …Elites dominate the political system… Know what they ultimately want… Learn To … Continue reading

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