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Top 10 natural supplements and herbs that can fight the toxicities emitted by chemtrails

Have you looked up lately? In June 2015, geochemist and nuclear chemist Dr. Marvin Herndon, PhD. published an article about chemtrail effects in India entitled “Aluminum poisoning of humanity and Earth’s biota through clandestine geo engineering.” For a scientist to use the word “clandestine” was … Continue reading

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God Communicates

Intuition, is what many claim they have, but it is a gift all of us have. “Wisdom Bestows Well-Being” _ Proverbs 3 Since my teenage years, I thought I had an incredible intuition. All through my adult life I’ve had … Continue reading

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Prepping for Survival

List of Survival Tips and Knowhow. By American Prepper Are you prepared? Building your bug out bag, or rather, get home bag. The truth about Baofeng radios Starting your own prepping group Fitness and diet related to prepping The time … Continue reading

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Marketing For Health Care

The 3P’s: Product, Pricing, Place: Objective Right product, at the right price at the right place and time. Product Strategy This Product is targeted to the general Public of the United States. There are about 321 million people in the US … Continue reading

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