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From Knowledge to Wisdom 2

Solomon, 3rd King of the Kingdom of Israel became the wisest and most knowledgeable King that ever was and ever will be. No man after him will ever match his knowledge and wisdom. (see verse 12). 1 Kings 3 5 … Continue reading

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What has America Become?

  MICHIGAN NEWSPAPER WHO Finally HAD THE GUTS TO SAY WHAT MOST OF US ARE ALREADY THINKING!! We must share NEWSPAPERS STORY everywhere! @FoxNews @POTUS pic.twitter.com/eEpl5dPnrE — Dr. Cary S (@carysimond) October 17, 2018

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Until the creation of the League of Nations, wars were conducted for entire different reasons than they are today. Prior to the League of Nations. Prior to the 19th century wars were undertaken for the following reasons: Conquests. Kings wanted … Continue reading

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How Old is The Human Race?

National Geographic‘s take on humans: We Are Mutants ! I’ve got to say, science truly favors it’s own spin. Origin: Africa – When: > 100,000 years ago – Who: Adam “The common direct paternal ancestor of all men alive today was born … Continue reading

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Bill of Rights Day

September 25th was Bill of Rights Day… There is a serious political deception falling across America, designed by professors, pundits, & politicians to diminish the power of the people and increase the power of government. The liberals love government, so … Continue reading

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