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Security at Democratic CA convention removes homeless man.

no comment. WALK AWAY!

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Justin Amash the so called Libertarian

I defend #liberty and explain every vote on Facebook • “Laws must be general, equal, and certain.” He was a Libertarian at heart almost equal to Rand Paul. But since he entered to Presidential race, he is trying to appeal … Continue reading

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Link to the Mueller Report

The Leftists / Globalist in government intend to keep on about this investigation. Don’t let them get away with speculation. Ask them the page number.

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Term Limits for Congress

Congressional term limits is the most bipartisan and popular political issue in America. 82% of the voters want term limits on Congress. Career politicians refuse to listen. Sign the Petition Three Heroes   H.J.Res.20 by Rep. Francis Rooney (FL19th):  Resolution … Continue reading

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3 Countries Headed for Civil War

France The Gilets Jaunes are protesting again for the 11th time in a row. 12 deaths so far in 10 protests. I predict a Civil War will break out in France sooner or later. Venezuela With the clear division in … Continue reading

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