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The Case for Testing Politicians before holding Office

Seeing the most recent ignorance of elected officials, it makes a case for them to be tested on their knowledge of the Constitution.  If they fail the test, the runner up should then be nominated instead after also taking the … Continue reading

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Peaceful Paths Forward for the USA

If things keep this way in America, We are headed to a confrontation.  The Country is Divided to a Point of NO Return (PNR).  On one side Americans who value Liberty, on the other those who are dependent on the … Continue reading

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Make NO Mistake, ‘They’ Will Come for the Guns

“We Are Now Moving Step by Step Towards Totalitarianism”_Walter Williams ‘They’ have already greatly reduced The People’s ability to resist government overreach. And ‘they’ will increase their advantage over time. ‘They’ want total control within the next 10 years. Make … Continue reading

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The Only Peaceful Path Forward for the USA

While I agree with the beginning, that it would provide a Peaceful path instead of a brutal end, I’d like to remind you that the original intent of the Constitution was just that: It should, it should, it should… The … Continue reading

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Could Europe face another Crisis?

Could Europe face another 1914 or 1939 scenario? Watch out Poland, Europe could turn like Nazi Germany in 1939. The European parliament is holding heated debates concerning Economic progress. Along in the debates one can clearly see a division of … Continue reading

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