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French Clamoring ‘Anti-Capitalism’

26 weeks of protests for the Yellow Vests. Life is barely survivable for too many. The government has no solution in sight, except for maybe a slight reduction in taxes by 2021. I suspect Frenchy’s do not want to own … Continue reading

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51% of Young Voters Favor Socialism

  Views About Capitalism and Socialism: by Age   Positive view of capitalism Positive view of socialism % % 18-29 2018 45 51 2016 57 55 2012 56 49 2010 68 51 30-49 2018 58 41 2016 54 37 2012 … Continue reading

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Act XV: Pauvre France

They march and sing: “Anti-Capitalism“, the slogan of AntiFA.  Looks like France is homeland for AntiFa. My title translated: Poor France.  Yeah, they protest Capitalism because they do not own enough Capital.  Well, 40 years of Socialism will do that. … Continue reading

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Too Many Warn of Hot Civil War

Source Washington Times: Joe diGenova, a former prosecutor who’s taken his well-spoken, blunt-talking mannerisms far on the media circuit — serving as a frequent television and radio guest who can cut through the clutter and give the layperson’s view with … Continue reading

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The Failures of Europe and France

France 12 weeks 2018-19 Repression is now the name of the game. The future of France is bleak, as the Oligarchs in power struggle to keep their Kingdom, and will do anything to assert their control of the people of … Continue reading

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