School hires Two armed Combat Vets to Protect Students

Florida’s Manatee School for the Arts in Palmetto is beginning to employ two armed combat veterans to protect students and teachers while at the school.

School principal Bill Jones noted that the semiautomatic rifle is “just a much more effective weapon than the handgun is.” He also noted that he likes having the two different kinds of weapons because he does not want an attacker to face the guards on equal footing. Rather, he the combat vets to have “an overwhelming advantage.”

There are over 25 Million military veterans in the US. They have put their lives on the line to protect and serve. What a fresh new gift for their recognition and continued valor.

I hope many other schools follow suit to protect our loved ones. Veterans will line up to again serve and protect. What a sight for the young ones, to see what dedication and selflessness is. They’ll be able to speak to them and listen to their stories of valor.

What examples, what better role models.

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Thou shalt not kill.

Know the Sin, See the Sin.

The blood of innocents, the Pure, the Saints.

Will God forgive us?

The Harlot and Mystery Babylon?


The 10 Commandments

The 10 Commandments

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Mr. President Stop the Erosion of Our Rights !

Trump Must Aggressively Protect And Defend The First, Second, And Fourth Amendments

Bill of Rights

End Times

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#GiletsJaunes 13th Protest in France

Early today, violences erupted in Paris. Molotov Cocktails are being used against Police.

Without a doubt, tempers are flaring.

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Make a Statement: Buy Your Semi-Auto Rifle Now

Put your money where your mouth is.

Support the 2nd Amendment by practicing your Right.

If you do not own a Semi-Auto rifle, the time to get one is now. Show them economically that Americans intend to keep their right to bear arms. Supporting the 2nd Amendement only with your mouth is not enough. Better than a NRA subscription, bloat the economic data in mass, buy getting the very rifles they want to ban.

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