Build That Wall !

Trump border ‘wall’ to cost $21.6 billion, take 3.5 years to build

If those numbers are correct, and we account for the safety of Border Patrol Agents, and residents near the Border, the question is not even relevant.

BUT, Please DO NOT even think of saying it would endanger animal species, because as far as I’m concerned the Human species is more important.

Here is another article about the cost comparisons: The Cost of a Border Wall vs. the Cost of Illegal Immigration

The Globalists in the US government refuse to allow the Wall to be built. If you understand the Globalist Agenda, you understand their motivation: TREASON



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New Cold War?

Why should Russia remain the enemy of the US?

Anyone who understands or grasps the Conspiracy of a New World Order or a World Government relegating Nations to regions of this Global Governance to mere regions, understands why Russia must remain enemy of the US.

The Globalists need this Card, in case they have to trigger WW3 to achieve Global Governance. And, a friendly US / Russia relation is NOT in their interests, as it would suppress any possibility of a New World Order.

As it stands today, the Globalists have successfully brought to their ranks most of the populations of the World. Right? What is happening in France could paint otherwise, but I don’t think the French understand what has been happening in the past decades.

So yes, the Globalists have successfully indoctrinated most of the young of almost every nation, and World Governance is within their grasp.  The election of Trump was a setback, but the Deep State is fighting tooth and nail to rectify it.

If they get another Globalist US President in 2020, WW3 may not be necessary. In the mean time they must keep this card and actually make it foolproof, by convincing the US population that Russia is THE Bad Guy. And this Bad Guy has a treaty with China providing mutual help in case of War since a year or so ago. WW3 would guaranty the set up of World Governance, and as a plus, would cause a huge world population reduction that they are so dearly seeking.

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NIAC’s President Report December 2018

DHS publishes the President’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council December 2018


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Power Corrupts Absolutely

In an immoral society, it’s not that power is likely to corrupt, it’s that it tends to corrupt anyone with the slight amount of power.

When we look around the World and in our neighborhoods, we can see corruption and abuse everywhere. And it is not due because of poverty or some imaginary reason.  It is due to our societies becoming more and more immoral.

It is almost understandable that a poor person could become a thief. But when the thief kills for pleasure, we must ask our selves why?  In the US if a thief runs from police, it is assumed that Police will escalate.  A thief can grasp the term escalate. It means they will be killed because they ran. Yes, regardless of the crime, Police in the US will escalate until a death penalty is rendered. That too many officers go along with this right they where given, it begs to question if they have any humanity?

The justice system is also immoral, and I’ll give you an example of two old occurrences in the same State the same year:

  • A man was caught robing 5 banks (he was desperate to pay his bills and feed his family), he was sentenced for robbery with a weapon (even though he never used his weapon, and none know if it was loaded) in 5 counts.
  • 3 young men attacked an older man and beat him to death. They were sentenced to murder, etc. divided by 3.

The man that did the robberies was sentenced to more time than the 3 murderers.

Scams, schemes, legal theft is the norm. Lying to a customer to make the sale is the norm. Using innocent people to make a company’s books look better, by posting fake past dues and fees is the norm.

When the Love of Money and Power is the most important, how can a society be moral?

Look around the World (France). How many minions, dogs of the corrupt and powerful ones do not even flinch in abusing, beating, even killing someone that could be their grand-father.

Oh, don’t get me wrong there are still good people, even among the minions of the powerful, but they are too few to make the World a better place.

Matthew 19:24

And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. _ Jesus Christ

So what are people without power or money supposed to do?

Luke 22:36

Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one. _ Jesus Christ

And Liberty will be lost

Even the United States that was (still 40 years ago) once a beacon of Liberty is becoming a Police State.

Liberty = Freedom + Morality


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Ecologistes ou bien Gillets Jaunes?

La France est seulement classée 22 ième des pays les plus polluants au monde, avec: 0,91% de responsabilité.

Cela ne justifie pas des Taxes Carbone sur la population.

Que les Ecologistes revendiquent une taxation sur les carburants pour les routiers et les carburants bateau et avion ne fait aucun sens.

Je pense que les Ecologistes feraient mieux de se faire oublier.

Comment combattre la pollution dans un si petit pays?

Mettez votre argent ou vos lèvres s’agitent. Achetez des vehicules electriques si vous en avez les moyens. Mettez des panneaux solaires sur vos maisons. Réduisez votre consommation. Recyclez vos déchets.

MAIS, ne demandez pas aux autres de faire les choses pour vous.  Je suis sur que si les Français étaient plus riches ils feraient un effort financier eux mêmes, sans être forces par l’Etat et la taxation.

Je vais vous donner un example: Je vis en Floride.  J’ai fait faire une cote pour des panneaux solaires.  Le cout serai déduit par la revente d’electricity a la société eletrique de la region. Au bout de 20 ans, l’installation serait payee.  Mais, ayant 61 ans, je ne verrais jamais l’avantage de cette économie. Alors, c’est aux jeunes d’en faire l’investissement.

Moralité: Laissez les gens s’enrichir et laissez les faire le nécéssaire pour leurs enfants.


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