When pets are more human than us…

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Greed for Power – They Seek Total Control on Populations

Just like their European counter parts, US politicians led by the Globalist masters, seek total control over Population.  Just as in France the US Government can subdue the population.  They seek to make Americans subservient.  And just like French will only realize one day that resistance will futile.  By then, just like the French, Americans will be disarmed and powerless, and will then feel the boot of Government.

The continual growth of the Federal Government for over 100 years, and micromanaging people’s lives was necessary to bring about a New World Order.  A unique government for the entire World.  In essence World Domination to the fullest, for the few Elites hungry for power.  They subdued Americans by indoctrination and lies, and their goal is at reach.  They slowly legislated every aspect of our lives, and no one was paying attention.

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SEED the series

When a U.S. special forces team is sent to Iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction, what they find becomes the catalyst for the final battle in a “seed war” that has been raging for nearly 6,000 years.

Ever since the first SEED script was written back in 2009, it has always been designed to be a live action video series. But initially, (back in 2009-2010) we did not have the resources to produce a live action Trailer, so Rob Skiba created a pre-visualization concept animation to show people what we have planned:

AUDIO DRAMA – Episode 2: The Cave

SEED Graphic Novels

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Ancient Civilization far more Capable than our Recent Ancestors

Although many academic bodies, and the individuals funded by said institutions, are only allowed to attribute ancient ruins to known, heavily researched past civilisations… There exists many features within these sites, found all over the world, which tell a very different story.  Not only are they indicative of an ancient civilization far more capable than our well-studied more recent ancestors… (Read more)

Advanced Ancient Civilizations

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Climate Change or Weather Management?

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