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Wanted Socialists and Socialism

Seriously? Is this what the #MeNow Generation wants? We the elders will be dying off, and We failed to inform our children correctly. Instead they were brainwashed in government schools, and lost any connection with the American Spirit. I immigrated … Continue reading

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People Need Hope

SUPERSTITION: a belief or way of behaving that is based on fear of the unknown and faith in magic or luck : a belief that certain events or things will bring good or bad luck. … People tend to seek assurance … Continue reading

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The Congregation of Jacob, the 12 tribes of Israel

1100 B.C.  Saul and the Kingdom of Israel (Capital: Jerusalem). Under the second King, David, expanded its military power and conquests. The 3rd King Solomon, took the Kingdom to a prosperity known by all neighbors. He actively worked and traded with the Phoenicians and Assyrians. … Continue reading

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In 2016 about The Border Wall interview

Trump to Hannity 2016: Hannity: “You don’t expect Mexico to write you a check?” Trump: “No. No. Politically is not feasible and wouldn’t look good… There are many different ways.” Grow up Democrats. #ItsBorderSecurityStupid — Becky Look at her … Continue reading

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Technology didn’t happen overnight

Had a conversation with a 23 year old about internet. We didn’t have internet in 1983 We had computers with 12K memory, and tape drives. How did we get to what we have today? We went from tape drives to … Continue reading

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