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Hurricane Dorian Monday Sept. 2nd

Here are the 5 AM Monday, September 2 Key Messages for Hurricane #Dorian. Life-threatening storm surge and hurricane-force winds are expected along portions of the Florida east coast through mid-week. Visit for more info. — National Hurricane Center … Continue reading

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Don’t Think a Civil War is coming?

Attacking with a hammer could provoke gun shots fired. I can’t believe the Mayor of Portland continues to allow Antifa to commit acts of violence throughout the city. Watch this man who use a HAMMER to attack a gentleman getting … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Cries for Liberty

Hong Kong is a semi-autonomous region of China since it was a British outpost until 1997 and a global business hub. The people of Hong Kong are not used to bow to the Chinese government, a promise made but not kept. … Continue reading

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What happened to EPSTEIN ? Suicided?

That Man had too many connections. BREAKING: Two guards at the MCC who normally have overnight shift that watches over suicide risk inmates, were both told to leave area 3 hours earlier for scheduled “Maintenance” to jail cells and hallways. … Continue reading

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Pre-Crime Task Force through TAPS Act?

H.R. 838, the Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety (TAPS) Act Will identify a behavioral threat assessment and management process that can be adapted and used across the nation while recognizing the unique needs of different communities Will provide States the … Continue reading

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