The Next Election will be a Total Fraud

The 2020 Election will not reflect anything close to reality. It will be a crushing blow to America and the Liberty lovers. It will be so overwhelming that most will have a slump down attitude of despair and disbelief.

And it will be a complete fraud.

In 2016 they could not afford an obvious steel, nor did they want to.

Americans had been angry for 8 years. Americans had organized, trained and prepared for the worse. The People were ready and angry.

So, they had to appease Americans.

And the 2016 election was just that: An Appeasement Script.

It was a necessary breather that would return The People to nonchalance. Training stopped or nearly stopped. The Militias returned home. Americans stored their guns and ammo. The brewing Civil War was avoided. Yeah, Americans were way too organized and motivated. They were way too dangerous. It was better to postpone the take over until a time when they had their guards down.

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