6 Most Urgent World Concerns

6 World concerns deserve our outmost attention, for us and for our children, in order of Priority: Avoid World War 3; Uphold a Constitutional Republic in the USA; Avoid a Civil War in the US; Prevent GeoEngineering in the World; Eradicate Human Trafficking; Become better Custodians of our World…  I am sure and know that there are many other concerns for all.  But to my opinion, these 6 will define the survival of the many cultures, and of our quality of life in the future.  We are all unique and diverse, and should remain this way for generations to come.World War 3

Avoid World War 3

World War 3, involving a direct conflict between the most advanced military powers would produce the Biblical destruction of 1/4 of men will die. In today’s standard, it would represent nearly 2 Billions dead.  The Bible prophecy in Revelations 6:8, the opening of the Fourth Seal tells of the pale horse.

We are today, looking at too many possible triggers of this last World War. Korea is now appeased, but, a US war with either Syria or Iran would engage Russia and China in the conflict.

Uphold a Constitutional Republic in the USA

When the US succumbs to the trend of becoming a socialist community, then there will be nothing to stop the Globalists from ushering the New World Order. A one World Governance system, so desired by the Elites of the World, and planed in detail by the United Nations. North America would then simply become one of the 10 regions of the World Government. Notice I said when and not if at the beginning, because eventually, our children will vouch for socialism. It’s only a matter of time. But postponing may be desirable.

Avoid a Civil War in the US

A second US Civil War would be so deadly and destructive that the few tens of millions survivors wouldn’t have much of a country left. And again it would facilitate a New World Order take over. Without the American spirit remaining and the mighty military it wields, even Russia would not be able to stop NATO, and China would then turn their back on them, since China is the model and base of this NWO.

Prevent GeoEngineering in the World

It is pressing, as some believe that climate engineering is the right response to a so called climate change due to the pollution created by the people. Truth is, climate engineering has been ongoing since the mid 90’s. Chemtrails called SAI’s by CIA leaders have been sprayed over our heads for already too long. By the time people come to realize it is real, it will be too late for any means of return to normalcy.

Eradicate Human Trafficking

Human trafficking, one of the oldest market in history, has not been eliminated. The US elites and IC’s are the beneficiaries of the miseries of the victims. In Libya, there are open markets for the sale of slaves since the fall of it’s previous government.

Become better Custodians of our World.

Yes, we should become better at what we do and make. I cannot say exactly what would make us better. But I do know, just like most of my senior friends would attest to, that what we make today is junk. Yes the technology is better, we make advanced cars. But within 10 years they are ready for the junk yard. Would we make better products that are technologically advanced and of a quality making them last at least 50 years (as were the old cars), there would less junk cluttering lands. Should we recycle old TV’s; old computers; phones; and so forth. Or make them in a way that the internals could easily be replaced by more advanced tech…

And, would we stop consuming useless stuff, and dispose of it when more useless stuff comes on sale… Well you know what the result would be.


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