Southern Border Invasion

Waving foreign flags, forcing their way through:

It can only be called an invasion.

And as such (according to the Constitution) the primary role of the Federal government and the military is to defend the Republic.

The Caravan was apparently organized by US citizens.

Coming from Honduras, the country with the 2nd highest Murder Rate in the World, thousands are attempting to force their way into the USA.

RankCountryRate per 100,000Murders in 2016
1El Salvador82.845,257

Source:  List of countries by intentional homicide rate

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1 Response to Southern Border Invasion

  1. Flavio Antonino says:

    Congress needs to declare War on any South American country that allows their citizens to storm US borders. In doing so, all perpetrators become enemy combatants, ripe to become prisoners of war.
    If nothing is done, their invasion will become successful over time.

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