The Gambino’s vs. the Genovese in Government

The Democrats vs. the Republicans (2 heads of one snake) actions resemble the Gambino’s vs. the Genovese crime families.  Deals and concessions are made, not on behalf of The People, but on behalf of maintaining their Power.

It has become sickening, and unconscionable that We The People let them behave as they do.  Corruption, benefits, being above the Law, has become the new standard for those criminal organizations.

About Florida Broward county Brenda Snipes:

“He CHOSE not to fire Brenda Snipes when she, as an election official was convicted of purposefully destroying ballots.  Rick Scott is in on this fraud.  He is another NWO phony.”

1982 Consent decree.  GOP consented in plea agreement “carte blanche to commit voter fraud.”

GOP doesn’t know how to retain dead voters like the Dems do.

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