The Republic on it’s Death Bed

Experts predict the Death of the Republic.

It was conceived in 1776. It was the beacon of Liberty for the whole World to see. After its affliction of a new form of cancer in 1913, its health gradually declined ever since. In 1963, a new tumor (the Deep State) appeared, it was to take over the whole for its remaining days.

It battled very hard to stay alive, but in 2001 again another illness (the MIC) weakened it.

In 2016, an experimental cure came to light. But experimental it was, and by November 2018 it proved to have no effect, as it plunged once again in a heart breaking fight for its life.

Going in and out of coma, the Republic is now affected by a foreign virus called Socialism. Also afflicted by a new strand similar to leukemia called IC (Intelligence Agencies), the Republic is getting weaker by the day.

We now only hope that it will survive 2 years, and are preparing the burial grounds and the eulogy that many around the World are expecting. It will be a grand and festive funeral that many foreign leaders will enjoy.

Our President is doing the best he can. If We the Patriots do not protest the opposition, and let them parade around unaffected, his task may unsurmountable.

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