United Nations is a Failure

UN : “Trump Must Allow Caravan Migrants Into America”

The UN has Failed miserably in it’s task and should be either disbanded or kicked out of the USA. Their Offices and building in New York should be closed, and they should pack-up and leave US soil. They are nothing more than advocates for chaos in the intent to bring about a One World Government. WE are no longer swallowing their lies and their affiliation to the Globalist Movement. They are anti Nations and should be stopped. They are responsible for the the destruction of Libya and many other nations.

In regards to their unapologetic disregard of Human conditions in countries of Central America, they should be held accountable for letting Gangs and Corrupt governments run wild in this area of the World.

Central America’s Chaos is a perfect example of why the UN was created. To prevent wars amongst chaotic countries. To control, negotiate, and help their governments.

Seeing what is happening there, the best option would be for an alliance Mexico / USA to invade those countries to save the people form their unfortunate fate, and redress the lawlessness. Nothing short of killing all gang members will solve the problem, and military force is what is needed.

In the Top 15 countries where crime and murder are the norm, we find Central America’s:

  • El Salvador (ranked 1st)
  • Honduras (ranked 2nd)
  • Belize (ranked 7th)
  • Guatemala (ranked 15th)

And they, the UN are asking the USA to take in people from those highly criminal countries?

  • The second caravan making their way up through Central America have members armed with explosives
  • Had gasoline bombs made of soft-drink bottles, and improvised PVC tubes to launch fireworks

Second Migrant Caravan Storms Into Mexico… 


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