What is NDAA for?

It beg the question: What is the purpose of NDAA?

What I know about NDAA, is that it is the improved and the replacement for ‘The Patriot Act’.  It allows NSA surveillance on US citizens.  It allows by-passing courts for individuals suspected of possible terrorism actions.  It allows US military forces to deploy in any country of the World on account to National Defense, and this without any specific authorization by Congress.  Note, the the Constitution precisely gives Congress the power to declare War.  And only Congress has this power.  An example: Libya.  Many members of Congress were outraged that US military assets were deployed for the attack on Libya.  Generals said to Congress, that they were authorized and bound by NATO to act, that they only had to inform Congress after the fact.

So, here is this Compound in New Mexico, and the perpetrators are NOT dealt with according to NDAA?

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