World Governance Soon: 3 ways it’ll happen.

Either way it happens, a human genocide will result.  We are at least 20 years into End Times, with at most 40 years left.  Europe is on edge (France is at a status quo).  Brexit is not allowed.  Germany and many other European countries are now facing the harsh reality of Migration and the chaos it brought them.  Too many wars have still not ended, and new ones are about to break.

The End of America will bring the End of Liberty in the World.  The 2nd cold war is on, and a new WW3 starter is dominating the News Propaganda: Venezuela.  Socialism in America is on the rise, and the 2020 elections coupled with total fraud will bring it forth.  The Republic is on its death bed.  The divide that was created during the Obama era, with immoral practices and a recrudescence of racism, with erosion of rights and government supremacy, could spark a “We’ve had enough” reaction to trigger a Civil War.  Which is the most likely trigger?

  1. Venezuela
  2. 2020 Election Fraud
  3. Civil War


Yes, Venezuela has seen its share of misery. Its people have been fleeing. The living conditions are deplorable, and Socialism has once more proven to be a failure. But Venezuela is not the only country in South and Central America that has put its people in dire conditions. Others are even worse off. Yet D.C. wants to intervene only there. Many Central American countries are overrun by gangs and corruption, creating a migration towards the US that is more threatening than Venezuela.

CIA’s False Flag

The humanitarian aid trucks were burned, not by Maduro’s soldiers, but by CIA Columbian hired thugs. Most nations of South America are not in favor of a US intervention. Matter of fact, most could actually help Maduro fight the US invasion. And then there is Russia.

Why would CIA prefer a an intervention in Venezuela? If it truly was about aid, there are other means. The same way they’ve air dropped multiple times food and weapons for ISIS in Syria, they could do the same for Venezuela, and let the people of Venezuela write their own fate. But this would not insure a grab for the oil. And most of all it would not provoke Russia. See, for the CIA and their Globalist handlers, the US must be brought down.

Russia has military bases and assets stationed in Venezuela, in an effort to counter any eventual US aggression against them. Bombers, and other unknown military assets are deployed in Venezuela, and Russia is not about to give them up.

Russian state television has listed U.S. military facilities that Moscow would target in the event of a nuclear strike, and said that a hypersonic missile Russia is developing would be able to hit them in less than five minutes. The targets included the Pentagon and the presidential retreat in Camp David, Maryland. The report, unusual even by the sometimes bellicose standards of Russian state TV, was broadcast on Sunday evening, days after President Vladimir Putin said Moscow was militarily ready for a “Cuban Missile”-style crisis if the United States wanted one. Feb25th2019

US intervention

An intervention will turn out worse than Vietnam. The people of the surrounding nations will converge on US forces to kill them some Yankees. The Khmer of Vietnam would be south American people who lets face it can’t stand the US.

Should Russian military personnel or assets be harmed, the response would be a strike on US soil with Russia’s best arsenal: Intercontinental Missiles. Putin has already made it clear, and even outlined where the strikes will be. A likely nuclear exchange would occur, the World’s worst nightmare. Europe would not be unaffected, and China with its treaty towards Russia, would likely invade the US.

In brief, it could trigger WW3. After the destruction of such a war, the Anti-Christ will be revealed, and will rule for 3 !/2 years.

2020 Elections

Socialism will win the 2020 elections by fraud. The nation will change at a rapid pace as all UN agenda 21 will be implemented. The UN will become the true ruler of the US, making way for World Governance. Gun confiscation will go in full effect, and Liberty will be smothered.

Will red blooded Americans stand still? I personally don’t think so, as Civil War will then surely break out. More than half of the population will be killed within weeks, and the enemies of the US will invade to claim the remnants of the nation. Americans might repeal the invaders, but the US will be reduced in its position as a World power and its ability to stop Globalism. Most nations will be subdued by the then US independent NATO forces, and World Governance will sprout. Probably not as destructive as WW3, but still the death toll will be huge. 1/4 of men die.

A Civil War prior or just after 2020?

Every source points just that. Gun Laws are angering Americans. Congress keeps blocking POTUS on his promises he made to his electors, including control of the Southern Border.

The aggressions of the Liberals, the gun confiscations, the infringements on personal Liberties, all lead to an accident, an event that will revolt Americans in their core. The left does not truly want a Civil War, as they know that it would cause their demise. A hundred million or more deaths could occur very rapidly. The ennemies of the nation will be hunted down. But it will for enough time weaken our ability to defend against invaders.

Either Way

It will spell Checkmate. World Governance will occur and …

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  1. You left out the Alliance and the efforts they are making to counter the enemy. WWG1WGA! Follow Q! There is a fight going on behind the MSM. Be prepared! This Battle can be won.

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