November 19th

Yesterday I did a trading test.
On the 13th I bought 3 stocks, that paid dividends, prior to the x-Date. The payment date was announced on my brokerage platform: 1 pays Dec. 5th; and the 2 others Nov. 29th.
So I sold 2 of those stocks prior to payment. If the theory is correct, I should still get two payments on the 29th and another on Dec. 5th. Keep my fingers crossed. Any one has done this before? Hunting for dividends?

Still undecided about: AWP; LTC
Searching through 11/20 x-Dates. Might find other interesting revenue yielding companies.
2 factors: Dividend Yield; Growth Rate.

Investment projections
So far, i've invested a small amount approx. $1300. It'll be an ongoing and very calculated project because I'm looking for nearly immediate dividend payout to reinvest. So I'm buying just before the x-Date while monitoring the prices of my targets.
I've calculated that this small amount should payout about $20 quarterly. Of course, if the stocks hold their value. However if the value increases, so do the dividends.

November 18th

It seems to me that most of the best companies tend to have the share holder list made in November so the dividends get paid by the end of the year (yearly closing of the books). They do however redo the lists (for those paying quarterly) every other 3 months: Feb, May, Aug, and again Nov. So, best times to buy stocks would be the early days of those months.

Completed my Wish List for today. Bought some: F; BGH; MMM; MNRL; MSFT; STAY and SLVO.

It was a busy morning.

My journey

Robinhood Free stock

November 17th

Why am I shooting to own 1 Gold to 20 Silvers?
In today's market, the Gold to Silver price ratio is about 86 to 1. It takes 86 Silver to buy 1 Gold.
But its natural ratio is 20:1.
From the crustal abundance of precious metals, we can also see that the gold-to-silver ratio in the earth’s crust is about 1:19. This means that there is roughly 19 times more silver than gold in the ground.
Gold is Hoarded While Silver Is Used
Silver continues to be a popular choice in industrial applications given that it is the best element to conduct heat and electricity. This gives silver a myriad of uses.
Silver is also used as an antimicrobial agent in medical applications. Its applications include silver being incorporated into wound dressings, treatment of mercury poisoning, used as a cauterizing agent, etc.
I make my own Colloidal Silver Solution and I use it quite often.
Bought a kit from Terry E Caldwell:

I've planned part of my stock purchases for next week. Their dividend will payout 2.7% in December. Its like getting a cash back when you buy with credit cards. That money I didn't have will buy me more stocks with dividends preferably with a payout in January. And so forth.
I'm refining my criteria. 1) must pay dividends. 2) Reputable company to keep or high dividend Yield to maybe sell later (I won't buy as many shares, as for solid companies). 3) I buy them just before they are about to pay (it takes some scheduling).

For November, I will buy some: MSFT; MMM; JNJ; GOLD, (for now).
For December, on my list: PEP; VWO; CAH, so far.

November 16th

Working on investments with good return.
11/16/19 Assets allocation (to be changed)
Cash: 37.33% (includes savings acc. The 0.01% interest being irrelevant)
CD's: 30.47%
Hard Gold: 23.93%
Hard Silver: 5.2%
Stock Market: 3.08% (must up this)

November 15th

Been working on my investment strategy.
So from now on, no Div no Buy.
Div Yield minimum 6% unless Related to precious Metals
Watch for x-Dates and buy before.
Coming up x-Date Precious Metals: 11/26/19 GOLD Barrick Gold Corp. Div Yield 4.15%
I'll BUY when reaches Month Low but by the 25th.

Will increase my investments by Dec. Then when one of my CD's has matured early next year, will boost until I get $400 return per month.

3 Stocks are already scheduled to payout dividends. 2 by the end of November, and 1 beginning of December.

Spot prices:

GOLD $1468.75
SILVER $16.99

If you want to own physical Gold in Large quantity. And need it secured in a vault Of London: GLD

November 14th

I am experimenting as a Day Trader (got plenty of time on my hands). Just started a few days ago, and will keep it small while I learn the ropes (any suggestion, hint, appreciated). Got to say, it is like a full time job. What I've learned so far and my first mistakes: I initially bought shares on companies that do not pay dividends (I didn't know). Within a day I realized I had to do some research to pick the companies that paid the most dividends.
Then I learned that Day Traders buy stocks just before a company is about to pay its Dividends. The companies call the x-Date (day when they collect the info of share holders to pay out). Some companies don't announce that date. Others on the other hand publish it. Thought about it. And I realized they did it on purpose: 'the carrot'. It means "come on, buy our shares and will pay you out right now". It creates an inflow of investment when they need it. Problem is if you don't want to hold those shares, their values typically drop after the payout. So to sell them you have to wait until it 'recovers'.
So, I am playing that game. To test it, I bought a few shares various companies with today's x-Date. Within a few weeks I should get my Dividends.
Then, I've got one lined up for tomorrow, and another for in a week or so.
I'm having fun. Beats playing cards or dominoes.

Then I'll have to upgrade and buy a subscription to Robinhood Gold ($5.00 a month) to Trade with larger amounts of money. For now, it's Free, and they gave me a Free stock to start when I registred. It's quite a Setup:
If you signup, we both get a Free stock.

November 5th

Assets of the Fed: Bonds and Mortgage backed securities. And they say they have 8,100 tons of gold.
What gold did in the 80's to resolve the credit problems. It went to a price at which for the Fed's balance sheet backed its liabilities.
If gold today were to back the Fed's liabilities it'd be in the $20,000 an ounce range...

November 4th 2019

Since the beginning of the 21st Century, silver prices have increased overall, catching the attention of many investors. Many people look to precious metals, such as silver, to help protect themselves against the ongoing devaluation of the U.S. dollar (or other fiat currencies) and volatility in the stock market. Other investors, sometimes referred to as “preppers,” believe silver will play a key role in bartering and trade in the event of an economic collapse.
In the past 5 years, Silver price increased by 17.88%, and 193% in the past 31 years.

What about Gold as investment?
Say you bought and ounce of gold in Oct. 2014: $1207
In Oct. 2019, this same ounce is now worth: $1500.
Now if you bought it in 2000, you paid $265 !

My First Trading Tool

On November 11th I opened  a Robinhood Account from a link provided by someone promoting them. A FREE stock is the bonus you get for signing up. And you get more FREE stocks when you sign up someone. So within a day I had an account with 2 FREE stocks.