When people deny the observable spraying of our skies, I wonder what else they wish to deny in order to keep their party going.  They obviously have no regard for the future of their children.

GeoEngineering: the deliberate large-scale manipulation of an environmental process that affects the earth’s climate, in an attempt to counteract the effects of global warming.

At what point will humanity come to the realization that those who rule the World make too many harmful decisions?
Is Geoengineering a blessing?  Or is it a sure to backfire disaster on our ecosystem?

Stratospheric Aerosol Injections

SAI's as defined by Ex-CIA Director John Brennan.

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Text of a White House petition in 2018

The spraying of nanoparticulate matter in the upper atmosphere is not a solution to any problem, it is the deliberate polluting of our atmosphere and is therefore a crime against humanity and all living life on this planet. The use of terms like GeoEngineering, persistent contrails, solar radiation management, etc. is insulting to the intelligence of the American people. It is what it is, pollution.
We The People are very worried about the future life of our children, their likely reduced life spans due to chronic illnesses, and damage to their nervous system. This pollution of the air, soil and waters, already has reduced crops, and contaminates tree roots. Aquatic life is also accusing this practice. We The People beg you for investigation of this practice.

Notice to Public

A warning of GeoEngineering experiment was posted in a Newspaper in Humbolt county Nevada, recently Sept 2018.

Proof of Weather Manipulation: over 175 Patents

HAARP: Weather Control.  Is the HAARP Project a Weather Control Weapon?

Every Hurricane can either be created and manipulated, or be rerouted to a desired area.  For information on Weather Warfare, click the button below

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