Treasonous Politicians and the Swamp

63 millions Americans were fed-up with the politics in DC and politicians in general, and elected the now President Trump.  His campaign promises were simple and straight forward:

Unless DC Globalists and the Deep State plan a surprise genocide, those Americans and others who have joined the ranks since, will support POTUS even as to pick-up arms and fight a Civil War. If that was the case, hundreds of millions would die in weeks, and the opposition would be hunted down until eliminated. Yes, 85 millions of armed Americans would render such horror.

Let’s be blunt. America is divided like never before: Nationalists vs. Globalist Minions

Who are those Globalist Minions?

Most of them don’t even know that this is what they represent.  Most of them are even driven by good intentions: Medical care for all; Save the planet; welcome any one who wants to partake the wealth of our Nation.  Those are the Socialists of America.  They were indoctrinated in public schools and colleges to believe that “money grows on trees”, or that wealth is readily available for all.  Little do they know that the wealth in this Nation is accumulated at the sweat, hard labor, and creativity of their fellow Americans.  The wealth was expanded by business driven people and their wise investments.  Others are the new immigrants who have lived too long in their country of origin, and cannot let go of their heritage.  Even though they come from failed nations, they want their adoptive nation to become like where they come from.  A complete contradiction to their original intent, yet they subconsciously strive for this nonsense.  This category is the electorate of the traitors in DC.

And then there are the extreme Communists/Marxists, wanna be executioners for their ideologies, who deep inside hate America and everything it represents.  Those people would prefer to see China take over our country, and are likely to side with a nation like China if they would decide to try to invade.  They are the boots on the ground of the Globalist Elites (wanna be rulers of the World).  Those are the soldiers, trouble makers of the traitors in DC.  This group is already responsible for various degrees of attacks on American people, some resulting in deaths, yet not shown for what it is by the complicit Main Stream Media.  One of those extreme groups come to mind: Antifa.  Yet Americans have remained fairly peaceful so far, even when confronted and harassed.  But will it last?

But let’s not forget the sleeping terrorist groups established within the land.  They even have training camps throughout the nation, and the (corrupt) FBI ignores their existence.  These groups will take action as soon as enough chaos rocks the Nation.  Yes, because chaos is their key to success.

All and any of those groups do not realize the deception they are partaking.  They are for the most part ignorant of the bigger picture: ONE Government for the World.  If any one is aware how China rulers treat their people, China is the model for this World Government.  No it will not be a Utopian Global loving community, it will be a stick for anyone who dares go against the Rulers.  The so called Democracy, will be a thing of the past, and instead a World Dictatorship will coral the slaves of the ruling class.  They will make all decision, and will have power of life and death for all.

Treasonous Politicians

They are the manipulating, deceiving group who have only one intent: dissolve this Nation, and bring it to World Governance. They will strive to bankrupt the Nation, and render it armless. This is why they have reduced our military abilities, while reinforcing NATO.  This is why they are encouraging mass migration and maintain illegal status for the immigrants. The backlog of those who should have been legalized is growing, and it favors chaos. That Nancy wanted to go to Brussels the center for European Union, that in it self is outright blatant treason.  Nancy is a State Representative, and Representatives have NO business doing deals with foreign governments. This is Constitutionally the job of the President.

Brussels Belgium is the seat of the EU. And the EU is the baby steps to Global Governance. Yes, the sear of Global Governance will stem from Brussels. And just look at the stick they carry. Look at how they are able to suppress protests all over Europe. Look at how they are capable of denying the exit of Great Britain from its hold. That same stick will rule the World if We let it happen and that stick will be carried by the United Nations and NATO.

As long as the United States of America is a powerful thriving Nation, Global Governance is impossible, and that is a thorn in their side.  As long as Americans can maintain the spirit of Nationalism and Patriotism, the New World Order cannot exist.

The Swamp or Deep State

How long have you know of its existence?

What is it?  It is an ever growing bureaucracy that refuses to be apolitical. It is corruption at every level of Federal Government. From simple desk jobs to members of CIA and the SES, all are motivated by one thing: power and greed.

If you have set foot in any government building, you can sense the “I am government” attitude, by any and even the lowest government employee. They have forgotten that We The People pay their now outrageous salaries, and they earn nearly double off what We earn in the private sector. They feel they are the special group, and have the right to be authoritarian over us. And there are too many of them: 2.7 Millions, more or nearly double than the Armed Forces of the Nation.

The Swamp is those who deliberately want to sellout or Nation, and they are overlaid by the Deep State, a treasonous group that serves their interests and the interests of the highest bidders.

If our Nation is to return to its prosperity of old, it must be trimmed. So many Agencies that should not exist at the Federal level should be dissolved, and their jobs replaced by respective State employees. The Tenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights explains it very clearly. The respective States should be the ones having many of those Agencies: Departments of Education; Park Services; Bureaus of Land Managements; etc. etc…

A Warning

I do not believe that Americans will go silently. I do not believe that the aggressions of the traitors will go unpunished. Sooner or later, Americans will use a big stick and punish those Anti-Americans living in the Land of Liberty. Americans are slow to anger, but…

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