“We Live Longer than Before”

The Record or Life Span

The oldest Human recorded in modern history is a Woman. Born in 1875  Jeanne Calment, a French woman, died in 1997 at age 122. She remained relatively healthy and mentally intact until her 122nd birthday. Jeanne was lucky to not have died in either of the two World Wars that affected mostly Europe, and I am sure she may have had stories about those two wars.

Life Expectancy

In the United States, the average life expectancy is currently around 78.88 years, whereas the World average hovers around 71 years old. 78 is the age most Americans can expect to live. But the question is, how healthy will we be during those last years?

Women in Japan or Hong Kong can expect to live until 87 years old. Many other countries have longer human life expectancies, than the US. Do they have better Doctors or better life styles? Do they finish their lives healthier than us?

One needs to only look around their families, to notice than most are affected by some sort of illness or another. Thanks to medical progress and family or social support, we can live longer. Without medical care, I do believe that this average would be greatly lowered. How many families have elders that would not survive without the support of their children or a social apparatus.

There is a noticeable increase of illnesses of the mind, and Alzheimer’s disease wins more minds than the Devil could hope to win souls. Or does he?

Do We live longer and healthier than before?

All we can rely on is the testimonies of today’s elders, as records of sorts did not exist much post WWII or even in the 50’s for much of the World.

We can say this: The world is less brutal than post WWII. Entire countries like Biafra do not get wiped out by hunger in our days. Yes, hunger in Africa still claims it’s victims.

I (in my 60’s) can attest that our elders lived healthier longer than what I can see now.

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