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What is Liberty?

What distinguishes the USA to many other countries is that it was one of the only Revolution against a Monarchy that succeeded. The American colonists kicked out the King of England’s enforcers. At the time, England had the most powerful military in the World, yet they were unable to prevent Americans from gaining their independence, and protect it when a decade later, the British attacked again. They were defeated to never return.

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In contradiction, the two most relevant Revolutions for Liberty were the French Revolution and the South American Revolution. Both occurred later, in an attempt to mimic it’s American counterpart. Both failed to achieve a similar outcome. 18th Century was the century of enlightenment. After the supremacy of the Spanish, British, and French Empires, many countries around the world gained their independence.

The French Revolution did spark a wave of similar intents and regression of Monarchies in the World. But the irony of it’s lesser success hinges on the fact that 15 years or so later, they allowed a dictatorship to flourish with Napoleon Bonaparte Emperor of France. The idea of Liberty was very quickly diluted. Another irony is that the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen although similar to the American Bill of Rights, included the Right to be Taxed (Article XVIII). France is far from being a country of Liberty. Even more so since their Socialist tendancies after they elected François Mitterand.

Simon Bolivar, leader of the Latin American Independence movement, successfully sent Spain packing.  He dreamed of unifying South America into one great nation, but corruption and strife prevented him to do so. South America could have been our counter part of the South.

How does your country stack up in Liberty?  I will propose a few examples that may shock people in other countries, or even those living inside the United States of America.

In the USA:

  • We live in States members of a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy.
  • Each State has it’s own set of laws, and it’s own Constitution.
  • State Laws must however abide to the terms of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
  • We have the right to own weapons, and defend ourselves from aggression. More than 85 million Americans own 700 million guns.
  • We have the Right to criticize any member of Government including the President.
  • The Federal government is conceived with checks and balances by the concept of 3 specific branches.
  • A President cannot make Laws (only approves them). He cannot declare War.
  • Congress makes Laws, and can declare War.
  • The Supreme Court gives opinions on enacted Laws, and verifies if they are Constitutionally compliant.
  • A Law Enforcement Officer (Police)  cannot arbitrarily ask for a person’s identification. A LEO must have cause in order to do so. (not so in most other countries).
  • Road Blocks for any type of checks (alcohol, papers, etc…) are NOT allowed. Only specific reasons can justify a road block (search of fugitive criminal, etc…). Again not so in most other countries. (French police for example routinely stops vehicles at random to check for papers and drunkenness.)
  • Any person can Be His Own Boss, without having to jump through hoops. In most countries, it is not so. Yes, we do have to pay taxes on income, and an Income Tax Return is required above a defined income. Granted, unfortunately some jobs require licensing.

So, how does your country stack up?

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