Militias & Minutemen

The 50 Sovereign States of the Union, per the Constitution are independent in regards to their activities and Laws within the State.  Therefore, Militias are bound by their location, and can operate within their home State.  Each State has it’s own Militias varying in size and numbers.  For the resident of a State, he can only join a Militia within his own State.  Minutemen during the Revolution era were regular people, with regular activities, trained to fight and ready to assemble in a Militia at any minute’s notice.  I can Only speak of Militias in my State of Florida. In do however provide for a way to connect within your own State to people likely belonging to a Local Militia through social networking, and more specifically facebook.

Minutemen in the 50 States

To find your State’s Minutemen network, Click on the links below:

Militia’s in the State of Florida

Listed below, the Militia’s in order of reliability:

The goal and frame work of the Florida Minutemen is to bring together people within their local community, to organize and prepare. A friend even at 50 miles away may not be able to come to your help if we were to experience any of the following:

  • Power Grid failure
  • Lack of supplies
  • Riots
  • Social chaos
  • Martial Law
  • Invasion
  • UN take over
  • Economic collapse
  • other

For the old concept of the Minutemen to work, people must be united in their communities (10 – 20 miles max) in order to bring support to one another.
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