God Communicates

Intuition, is what many claim they have, but it is a gift all of us have.

“Wisdom Bestows Well-Being” _ Proverbs 3

Since my teenage years, I thought I had an incredible intuition. All through my adult life I’ve had the most accurate intuition. For all matters, that required a decision or a direction, I almost, most of the time played it ‘by ear’, as we say.
You know the method that resembles the tossing of a coin.

But it was not like that, not like tossing a coin, but more like a gut feeling.
Usually two different feelings:

  1. Feeling almost sick. Stressed like sick. Does not feel good.
  2. Feeling convinced. Feeling sure of it. ‘Yeah, this has to be the way’, type of feeling.

Well, in either case, it has made my life so easy. Decisions were a snap.

A time when ‘Does Not Feel Good’, was my choice.

There was a time in my life, when I preferred choosing the knowingly bad choice. It was like a high. The bad boy behavior was in sink with doing the wrong thing. I sinned like there was no tomorrow. I can say sinned, because I was raised in a Catholic environment, and perfectly understood what wrong was.

I suspect Evil people live their lives with this high of knowingly doing wrong, and that’s what motivates them.

It was short lived for me. In truth I didn’t like doing wrong. And as time passed (a few years), I literately went the opposite direction, trying to do good at every avenue possible.

So I went from being a good son, to a devilish teenage, to a wanting to be good adult. And improving as years pass by.

It feels right

Knowing right from wrong for a church going child is nothing extraordinary, as we are taught what to do, and what not to do. The choices we make however are entirely up to us.

It feels right and it’s what I was told to do, when faced with a reaction, behavior, or action to take, is also not so difficult.

But sometimes it is in no way related to what we’ve seen or heard, that’s when this intuition becomes important.

I no longer call it intuition. I call it ‘God is letting me know, what to do or what not to do’.

I understood that when I reached my 50’s. I have made so many decisions based on this ‘intuition’ that turned out just as they seemed to feel, that I can’t call it intuition. I’m not that special. I’m no genius. I don’t even have that great of an academic education.

So, NO, I was helped all along.

And it goes from simple decisions, to very complicated insight and knowledge.

I usually am inspired after sleeping. I will wake up with an urge to do something. As I said, I am not that smart.

Even EinsteinJust a little story to illustrate.

Years ago, 1984, I had never ever used a ‘computer’ in my life. I had been hired by a manufacturing company, and one of my duties was to prepare the production for the day, for a section or department of this small manufacturing plant.

It involved cutting tubing to make make parts out of it.

The tubes came in a set length, and I had to make as little as possible left overs or scraps, and maximize the number of parts produced. I usually did that the evening before or early in the morning, using a paper pad and a pencil and eraser.

One day, I became the owner of a TI99 personal computer. In 2 months I learned to program in Basic. In another month I wrote a subroutine that did the job I described above, and printed it on paper. I was at first helped by an individual who was 2 decades older than me, and had been using and programming computers for over ten years.  He was stuck with the subroutine, could not imagine how it could be done.  One night, I urgently woke up at 3 AM, and wrote the subroutine in less than 2 hours.  When I showed it to him he was stunned.  As I said, I am not a genius, far from it.  I know geniuses.


  • God guides us all the time, if we are open to it. The choice we make is ours.
  • Intuition for me has now a new meaning. It is God’s communication.
  • He let’s us know what he wants.
  • He tells us what he wants.
  • He guides us.
  • He warns us of danger.

All we have to do, is be receptive, and take heed.

Proverbs 3

5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

6 in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.



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