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14 year Old Girl Expressing…

  BuzzFeed is trying to get this 14-year-old girl banned from YouTube because her humor hurts their feelings. https://t.co/GWvnc0Gw5J pic.twitter.com/2s2tZfOmYD — Mark Dice (@MarkDice) May 14, 2019 Since YouTube did pull her video, you can still watch it on BitChute: … Continue reading

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This TSA we all despise…

S.1447 – Aviation and Transportation Security Act In this video KrisAnne is on the attack about the TSA from her most recent experience. She had been very mild in disassembling government’s actions until recently. I liked her teaching presentations, I … Continue reading

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Mr. President Stop the Erosion of Our Rights !

Trump Must Aggressively Protect And Defend The First, Second, And Fourth Amendments Bill of Rights End Times

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