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Mueller Report – Ballots 2020

A Nation divided. A government out of control. The IC the domestic enemy. Mueller Report Barr held in Contempt Birth Certificate Income Tax Returns a legal requirement? 20 states to ban incumbent President from ballot? Is it legal? Out of 328 … Continue reading

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Coup Attempt Underway

SSG. Douglas M. Ducote Sr. United States Army (Ret.) CEO Veterans United For Justice Veteran Law Enforcement Civil War Globalism

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Census to include Citizens only

What was the purpose of a Census? Below, Highlighted were the purpose of a Census, so people living in each state had representation in the Federal Government, and apportion the amount of taxes each state had to pay. In those … Continue reading

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Puerto Rico vs. Mid-West Farmers

Puerto Rico is NOT a State of the Union, but a Territory.  A Territory acquired as a result of the Spanish War. 21% of the workforce of Puerto Rico works for government.  To help you illustrate this: nearly 1 (one) … Continue reading

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Schumer Making Threats Again

It is not the first time Schumer makes threats. This time he is asking the Intelligence Community to take action. The soft Coup is about to get Hot. It’s past time for U.S. Intelligence Community leaders to stage an intervention … Continue reading

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