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Puerto Rico vs. Mid-West Farmers

Puerto Rico is NOT a State of the Union, but a Territory.  A Territory acquired as a result of the Spanish War. 21% of the workforce of Puerto Rico works for government.  To help you illustrate this: nearly 1 (one) … Continue reading

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NIAC’s President Report December 2018

DHS publishes the President’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council December 2018  

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Follow these tips to ensure the proper long-term storage of grains

Grains make for an ideal survival food due to their long shelf life. Stocking up on grains can be useful in case SHTF. However, there is no point in stockpiling large amounts of grain if you don’t know how to properly … Continue reading

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Prepping for Survival

List of Survival Tips and Knowhow. By American Prepper Are you prepared? Building your bug out bag, or rather, get home bag. The truth about Baofeng radios Starting your own prepping group Fitness and diet related to prepping The time … Continue reading

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