Premonitory or Prophetic Dream?

Yes, it did seem to be prophetic.

My grand-son just turned 1 year old. A little less than 2 years ago now, I had a strange dream. Words were magnified on a page, and it read:

  1. Shmita (on the top left of the page)
  2. 1/2 your life 120 (in the center)
  3. the 6th Chromosome (at the bottom right)

Immediately I was troubled by the 2nd. To me it could only mean one thing, I wasn’t 60 yet. Therefore, my thought was that I’d die at 60, since I understand that we can only live up to 120.

I told my aunt about this. And she saw it differently. According to her, her words: “you are worried for nothing. Remember your daughter just got married. You could be a grandpa at age 60.”

I then looked up the 3rd. Could my aunt be right?

The 6th Chromosome a partial description: … Two copies of chromosome 6, one copy inherited from each parent, form one of the pairs…

Yes, my aunt was right. Later on, my daughter announced she was expecting. And I recently celebrated my 61st birthday.

Now for #1, I still don’t get it. Anyone with insight reading this, let me know.

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