The old Man and his Dog

Well that was a flop.

For the past two days I had been in communication with Andrew who works for an apartment complex in Cape Canaveral. On Caroline st. I will say without giving out the name of the complex. They may recognize themselves, but I have to tell about my disappointment.

So in the morning I set out to my bank before heading there. I had told Andrew before leaving the house that I’d get there in the morning. He answered: “I’ll be looking for you”.
Now Andrew told me they had a one bedroom at $675 available, and they were pet friendly even though I told him my pet was 100 lbs.

I got there at about 10:45 am. I walk in. A girl at the first desk asks how she can help. Told her I had spoken to someone, a young man, and that I was here for the one bed apartment he told me about.
To which she replied: “We don’t have any at this price. We have one at $801 ($785 + cable)”.

I asked were is the guy I spoke to? I forgot the name at the moment. And a guy behind a desk further was doing his best to hide behind his screen.
So I told her Ok, let’s take a look at it. We went and after touring I decided I’d apply for it. So, I fill out the application. By then I recall the guys name and ask her. She points at the one that was hiding. Almost done, and I ask her a question on a line. Show her the application, and she notices 100 lbs. She then proceeded to tell me that he was too big, and against policy.

So after driving to Cape Canaveral from Orlando, spending an hour and half there, I was hoping back in my pick-up, after a worthless attempt.
I called a Real Estate Agent that is helping me find something, and after she heard my story, she said: “Well it may be tough to find something with a dog that size. But I’ll keep looking.”

Morality, the World can’t be around my dog and I. Therefore I may just buy a small camper, ask a friend to use his address, and move from campground to campground…

Personal Training of my Best Friend

I can tow this with my Tacoma

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