You Get What You Pay For

Wo owns a Chanel; Karan; Armani; Klein? In the case of Klein, ever since they designed underwear, more people do.

Who owns a Ferrari; a Bentley; a Lamborghini? Well you’d have to be a DC insider to purchase them cash. Yes, the most cash sales dealer in the country is the DC Ferrari dealer.

Anyway the point is, people live at a different level than the Top 1% wealthy people. And yes, we tend to try to get the most for the least.

And for Social media companies, they understood, that free was the way to go. With Free, they won’t have to give a refund, and they can pretty much decide what product you will get.

An example:

Understanding the behavior of a facebook Page.
– It’s facebook’s page. They display what they want to show.
– The Posts you load on the Page, may appear at times and not at others.
– It is not like a Webpage you own, they own your content.

This being said, they are a private company, and of course they don’t have to bake your cake if they don’t want to.

Of course the same goes with everything you get for FREE: Junk.

Monopolies, why do We support them?

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